Your Michigan garbage disposal does so much more than grinding food scraps.

It keeps your kitchen trash pail clean and odor-free. It helps decrease the amount of food that decays in landfills and emits greenhouse gas. It prevents food waste from clogging your plumbing and makes meal cleanup easy.

Your garbage disposal is one of the most hardworking appliances in your Rochester, MI, kitchen. It performs best when installed correctly, with the precision and craftsmanship that Rochester Plumbing brings to every job.

You can count on us for leak detection, hydro jetting, sewer repair, and other services. Our trained and experienced plumbers can ensure a perfect fit, regardless if it is a replacement or a first-time installation.

We pride ourselves on delivering honest, trustworthy service to homes and businesses. Contact us to replace your aging garbage disposal or add a new one to your kitchen.

Garbage Disposal Replacement and Installation

Garbage disposals last approximately 12 to 15 years if they are maintained. If your unit jams up frequently or makes loud noises, it may be time to replace it.

Every installation or replacement we handle is different because plumbing systems and electrical services vary from kitchen to kitchen. If this is your first plumbing installation, we can confirm if your current system is ready to handle a new appliance.

We can help you choose the best garbage disposal for your needs and budget:

  • Do you want stainless steel or galvanized steel components?
  • Do you prefer a hardwired model or one that plugs into an electrical outlet?
  • Is continuous feed or batch feed better for your needs?

If you have a big family and frequently prepare meals at home, you may need a unit with more horsepower. Typically, more powerful options are bigger than standard models. The space available under your sink may dictate the brand or model you choose.

A continuous feed garbage disposal enables you to add scraps as it operates. Batch feed models only run when a safety stopper covers the drain.

Our experts can advise you about the many features available, including noise reduction technology, single- and multiple-stage grinding, push-button starters, and dishwasher drain connectors.

Rochester, MI, Garbage Disposal Repair

No matter how careful you with your system, breakdowns can happen. If your garbage disposal stops working or jams frequently, we can help. Contact us if you experience these problems:

  • It hums when you turn it on indicates it has power. Food or an object likely is jamming the grinding components.
  • Everything works, but the water does not drain. The garbage disposal, the pipe under the sink, or the drain line likely is clogged.
  • If you find water in your sink cabinet, the connections between pipes and your disposal could be loose or a worn rubber gasket at the top of the unit may need replacement.

Rochester Plumbing offers our customers 24/7 emergency repair services to be there when you need us. Our goal with every job is to provide worry-free service and 100 percent customer satisfaction. 

Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

You can extend the life of your new garbage disposal and prevent unexpected breakdowns with these simple maintenance tips:

  • Keep your drain smelling fresh by grinding a few lemon peels.
  • Refrain from grinding fibrous foods, such as celery, or hard waste, like fruit pits and chicken bones. Some garbage disposals with two- and three-stage grinding can handle tough food waste. Check the instructions for your model.
  • Occasionally grind a few ice cubes to sharpen the blades.
  • Do not dispose of grease or shellfish shells down your disposal.
  • Always run cold water while the unit is operating to help flush food particles through the drain. Let the water run for a few seconds after turning off the appliance.
  • Avoid stuffing large amounts of food scraps into your garbage disposal.

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